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    Martin Magida, Managing Director at Berkery Noyes, will be speaking at the 3rd Annual ACG New England Fall Conference later this month. The event is set to take place on September 18th and 19th in Newport, Rhode Island.

    Martin's panel is going to cover "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Marketing Deals". Topics will include, how can PE funds attract more/better deal flow from intermediaries and other deal professionals; and how can Ibankers get the attention of PE investors for their deals?



    Berkery Noyes’ Online and Mobile report for first half 2017 revealed that transaction volume increased five percent on a half year basis. Of note, private equity deal activity rose 21 percent. Aggregate industry value fell 37 percent, from $83.25 billion to $52.62 billion. There were five transactions in first half 2017 with disclosed vales above the $1 billion threshold, compared to 16 such deals in second half 2016. The peak for volume and value over the last 30 months occurred in first half 2016.

    As for the Communications segment, volume improved 15 percent in first half 2017, making it the sector with the largest gain in deal activity. High profile segment transactions year-to-date included Atlassian’s acquisition of Trello, a web-based collaboration software and project management service, for $425 million; and BICS’ announced acquisition of TeleSign, a communications platform as a service (CPaaS) company focused on authentication and mobile identity services to Internet and digital service providers, for $230 million.

    M&A activity in the E-Commerce increased 12 percent in first half 2017. Notable segment transactions year-to-date included PetSmart’s acquisition of Chewy, an online retailer for pet products, for $3.35 billion; Amazon’s announced acquisition of Souq, a Dubai-based online retailer, for a reported $650 million; and CVC Capital Partners’ announced acquisition of Etraveli, a global e-commerce platform for flight tickets, for $569 million.

    Deal volume in the E-Marketing & Search segment decreased three percent on a half year basis. Notable segment transactions thus far in 2017 included Oracle’s acquisition of Moat, an ad measurement company, for a reported $850 million; and Vector Capital’s acquisition of Experian’s Cross-Channel Marketing business for $300 million.

    “Programmatic buying, native advertising, and retargeting presents an opportunity for the traditional media players to reach their audiences on a variety of platforms,” said Vineet Asthana, Managing Director at Berkery Noyes. “The ad tech space is getting crowded and should be ripe for consolidation moving forward. Acquirers in the middle market seem to be especially keen on picking up digital companies that have either a regional focus or differentiated technological offerings.”



    According to Berkery Noyes’ Media and Marketing report for first half 2017, deal volume increased three percent on a half year basis. Total value fell 73 percent, from $176.03 billion to $47.22 billion. Of note, two of the industry’s top three largest transactions in 2016 occurred during the second half of the year and accounted for almost half of overall 2016 value. Aggregate value in first half 2017 declined 50 percent on a year-over-year basis but rose 19 percent relative to first half 2015.  

    Transaction activity in the Internet Media segment improved 13 percent in first half 2017. High profile Internet Media related transactions thus far in 2017 was HomeAdvisor’s announced merger with Angie’s List, which provides reviews of local services that are based on first-hand experiences consumers have with doctors, contractors and other local professionals, for $574 million; and InfoPro Digital’s announced acquisition of Incisive Media’s Insight division, which includes the and Insurance Post brands, for $151 million.

    Volume in the Marketing segment, which for the purposes of this report excludes pure software based companies, decreased 11 percent in first half 2017. Also of note, there was only one segment deal in the overall industry’s list of top ten highest value acquisitions during the half year period. Along these lines was Vivendi’s acquisition of Havas, an advertising and communication services company, for $2.43 billion.

    Meanwhile, the number of acquisitions in the B2B Publishing and Information segment increased 21 percent in first half 2017. Notable B2B related deals year-to-date included Moody’s Analytics’ announced acquisition of Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing, a provider of business intelligence and company information, for $3.27 billon; and Solera Holdings’ acquisition of Autodata Limited, a provider of technical information to the automotive aftermarket, for $422 million.

    “Publishers have achieved success in this rapidly changing market through leveraging their content and brand equity across various media platforms for deeper penetration,” said Mary Jo Zandy, Managing Director at Berkery Noyes. “Many B2B media companies are also growing revenue by providing a host of marketing services to their existing client base.”



    Berkery Noyes' Software report for first half 2017 showed that M&A volume increased 12 percent on a half year basis. The number of acquisitions completed by strategic acquirers improved eight percent whereas private equity backed deal flow rose 25 percent. Aggregate transaction value declined 18 percent, from $93.02 billion to $76.63 billion. This followed a 41 percent gain in second half 2016.

    The median revenue multiple moved slightly from 2.5x in second half 2016 to 2.3x in first half 2017, while the median EBITDA multiple stayed the same at 13.3x. Over the last two-and-a-half years, deals in the $10-$20 million range received a median enterprise value multiple of 2.2x revenue, compared to 2.6x revenue for those in the $20-$80 million range and 3.9x revenue for those in the $80-$160 million range and above.

    Transaction volume in the Infrastructure Software segment increased 21 percent in first half 2017, making it the segment with the largest half year rise in volume. M&A activity in the segment remained almost constant throughout the four preceding half year periods. The largest Infrastructure deal year-to-date was Cisco Systems’ acquisition of AppDynamics, an application performance management and IT analytics company, for $3.9 billion.

    Cisco completed several other high profile Infrastructure transactions during first half 2017 with the announced acquisition of Viptela, a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) company, for $610 million; and MindMeld, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup that helps business build conversational interfaces, for $125 million.

    Additional notable Infrastructure deals thus far in 2017 included HGGC’s announced acquisition of IDERA, a provider of database lifecycle management solutions and application development tools, for $1.13 billion; HP Enterprise’s announced acquisition of SimpliVity, a data management platform focused on hyper-converged infrastructure technology, for $650 million; and CA Technologies’ acquisition of Veracode, a provider of cloud-based application intelligence and security verification services, for $614 million.

    In terms of software used within specific vertical industries or “Niche Software,” transaction volume experienced a 15 percent improvement. After remaining nearly constant in second half 2016, deal volume in the Consumer Software segment declined 14 percent. M&A activity in the Business Software segment, which consists of software designed for general business practices and not specific industry markets, saw a 13 percent rise relative to second half 2016.

    “There are many motivated acquirers competing for good properties in the software space,” added James Berkery, Managing Partner at Berkery Noyes. “Buyers are usually attracted to companies that can demonstrate a high growth rate, strong margins, good free cash flow, and a diversified customer base, among other factors. Although careful not to overpay, they are sometimes willing to stretch to a premium price when they have a valid, compelling and strategic reason to do so.”



    Berkery Noyes’ Online and Mobile report for Q1 2017 indicated that deal volume increased seven percent in over the past three months. Total transaction value declined 49 percent, from $38.9 billion to $19.9 billion. Both aggregate volume and value throughout the past five quarters reached their peak in Q2 2016. The number of transactions in the mobile application subsector improved ten percent on a quarterly basis, with a total of 116 acquisitions in Q1 2017.

    Notable mobile-based deals during the quarter included United Luck Consortium’s $1 billion acquisition of Outfit7, a media franchise with various mobile applications, which have received more than 5 billion downloads; Take-Two Interactive Software’s acquisition of Social Point, a mobile game developer, for $250 million; and ABRY Partners’ announced acquisition of MobileHelp, a provider of mobile medical alert and personal health management solutions, for $130 million.

    E-Marketing & Search volume improved nine percent in Q1 2017. Notable digital marketing deals in the segment year-to-date included Amobee’s acquisition of Turn, an advertising technology company used by marketers and agencies, for $310 million; Altice’s announced acquisition of Teads, an online video advertising company, for $306 million; and Accenture Interactive’s announced acquisition of a majority stake in SinnerSchrader, a digital marketing and advertising agency based in Germany, for $62 million.

    “Digital marketing solutions that are able to extract insights from the growing amounts of data and effectively engage consumers across multiple channels are highly valued in today’s market,” said Vineet Asthana, Managing Director at Berkery Noyes. “Technology companies, consulting firms, and others are eager to gain market share by seeking a larger array of service offerings to complement their existing product and solution portfolios, especially since enterprises are requiring an increasing amount of data management services.” Asthana continued, “Many large players, both financial and strategic, are actively pursuing inorganic growth through acquisition, as the marketing automation market is still rapidly expanding.”